Masculinity Mentoring - Your Pathway to Inner Mastery

A mentor is someone who recognizes your potential and provides you with clear guidance, motivation, and the tools to craft your own destiny. Elevate your journey with the expertise of a guiding hand.

What you might experience

From thoughts to actions. Elevate your game!

You'll overcome attachment

You'll overcome the victim mentality

You will regain your freedom

You'll boost your inner masculinity and power

Get rid of your fears and anxiety

You'll take full responsibility 

Grow your ability to control

Get your polarities straight

What topics will be covered?


Sex, jealousy, attachment

Motivation, satisfaction, confidence

Work, friends, children

Determination, courage, willpower

Emotions, presence, holding space

Fights, negotiations, constructiveness

Money, time, freedom

Addictions, fears

Fatigue, boredom, laziness, aimlessness

Martti Mäger


I am a mentor in masculinity, organizer of men's courses, and a Tantra Yoga instructor. But above all, I am a man who has taken full responsibility for his life, crafting each day to reflect the life I deserve and cherish.

I'm candid and honest, guiding men with precision yet compassion towards their authentic masculine path. I've assisted numerous men in aligning various facets of their lives, including masculinity, zest for life, determination, relationships, sexuality, career, finances, emotions, and personal growth.

I've also been initiated into the teachings and practices of the Supreme Tantric Masculinity

How are we going to approach it?

You have a vision and dreams, but something always seems missing to fully realize them. Or perhaps you're at a point where you lack direction, unsure of what you want, where to go, or how to move forward from here.

I'll help you unearth that inspiration from within and guide you with care yet decisiveness until you find your path and experience all the incredible things you deserve right now.

Four Steps for Quick Results

1. We'll map your current situation and find out your goals.

2. We'll prepare a specific action plan for each week and I'll add the necessary practices.

3. I stay attuned to the beat, inspiring you to own your journey and achieve your aspirations.

4. At the end of each week, we'll review your results, refine techniques, and set new goals.

Start your Journey

One-Time Video Meeting



Ideal for a man with a specific goal or issue in mind.

  • 90-minute private video call to address your issue. 
  • Personal action plan to follow after the meeting.
One Month Private Mentoring



Ideal for a man with a specific goal in mind or for one who is just beginning his journey into conscious masculinity.

  • Map your state and set the goal for the month.
  • Daily practices to boost your masculinity.
  • Weekly recorded video meetings to keep the pace. 
  • Daily private Whatsapp chat to share your journey
  • Celebrate your wins!
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